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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 26, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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studio 54 was the epicenter of the discrow craze until the 1980s but it got started today. that is the "the fox report" for friday, april 26, 2013, i'm john in for shepard smith >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. >> no tax cut would have helped deal with this or help us recover. this is very expensive. >> bill: former congressman barney frank accused of politicizing the boston terror bombing. >> do you feel like you are capitalizing and making political hay of the event that happened? >> bill: tonight, mr. frank returns to the "factor." and anything could happen. >> you told us at buoyant that you had in high school a little bit of a crush on him. >> yes, i did. how could you not? >> bill: some people are annoyed that the media is spending time humanizing the boston bombers. is that a legitimate criticis criticism? gutfeld and mcgirk be weigh
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in. >> give me my stuff. give me my stuff right now. i'm getting pissed off right now. >> a vicious classroom fight in california points out how out-of-control many public schools are. we'll show you exactly what happened. >> get your hands off of me. >> caution. you are about to enter the "no spin zone" from washington. "the factor" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from washington, d.c. thanks for watching us. no talking points memo this evening because i want to get right to our lead story, and interview with former congressman barney frank. as you may know, the day after three were killed and more than 200 injured in that awful boston terror attack last
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week, mr. frank became a center of controversy. while speaking on the phone to cnn, he put forth a political point of view. >> to the terrible situation, let's be grateful we had a well-funded, functions government. it's fashionable in mark to criticize government, belittle public employees, talk about the pensions, to talk about what people think is the healthcare. here we saw government in two ways perform very well. i never was as a member of congress a cheerleader for vice government, more taxes. no tax cut would have helped us deal with this. or will help us recover. this is very expensive. >> bill: now after mr. frank said that, some journalists, including this one, thought the comments were too close to death and destruction. even though the liberal msnbc
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challenged frank. >> sir, you keep talking about revenue and the infrastructure and the fact that we what v the capabilities -- we have the capabilities necessary to respond to something as atrocious as this. do you feel like your are capitalizing an making political hay of this event that happened? >> that i'm capitalizing? >> well, that you are making a political arguen't about revenue right now. >> yes. exactly. >> bill: joining us now from boston is barney. so in hindsight do you think you should have waited a few days before making those points? >> no, for two reasons. first, that is a partial quote of what i said. when i was called on that day, in every case there were three or four interviews i began by talking about how terrible it was that some people were there with people they loved and all of a sud thane were dead. and every one of those interviews i began when they asked me my reaction by talking about the sadness we all had to feel. several of the interviewers
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then pressed me for further reaction. and i don't think the discussion of public policy is either inappropriate or prature. by the way, i know that many others were talking about immigration. you and dennis miller were discussing my remarks a day or two later and mr. miller was complaining, as i recall it, that president obama had about called it terrorism on the first day. he waited until the second day. that was an appropriate criticism given his viewpoint of the president. the notion you suspend discussion of important issues in face of tragedy, i do not accept. but i did begin the interview with my feeling of sadness and condolences for people. >> bill: here is why it might be inappropriate. because when you say that look, no tax cut would help this situation, you basically polarizing americans who want lower taxes, smaller
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government. but in a time like this, in boston, and you're from boston, i wanted to see -- i called for on the air all americans to come together. all right? not only to support the grieving families -- grieving families but to show the world we're a united front. and you are not going to come in here to our house and intimidate us. >> bill: i agree. >> bill: by your rhetoric, you're dividing people 24 hours after when i think we should have all, all of us in the public eye, been trying to -- >> i would have to ask when that was. i remember two days after you and mr. miller being critical of a range of things, deluding mr. miller with you cheering him on attacking president obama for his response. >> may i finish -- >> bill: we asked why the
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term jihad -- >> may i finish? he was critical -- >> bill: all that is -- >> bill, can i -- i know the ground rules, can i know the ground rules? do i get to talk? mr. miller was critical of the president. his right. dividing the country, the country is divided as it should be in a democracy. referring to existing divisions is not polarizing. i didn't know you were close to polarizing. i couldn't tell that from watching your show. that is legitimate. appropriate to talk about sympathy and horror but i was asked about the reaction and that is my reaction. that's legitimate debate. you said not the day after. two days after? three days after? when is it appropriate? i heard it being appropriate -- not political but saying what they thought the pub luck policy ought to
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be that week. >> bill: all right, look. we have two positions, my position and what i call for on the night of the bombing was all americans come together. your position 24 hours after that you divided america on policy basis. >> i didn't divide america. i didn't divide america. >> bill: sure you did. >> america is appropriately divided. >> you cast aspergess for those who want smaller government and >> not on the people -- >> bill: in a time that we should have been united. >> i did not cast aspergess on them. >> of course you did. >> may i finish? >> you have had twice as much time as i have had so far? >> may i speak. mr. miller was critical of the president. i didn't mention the individuals, i wasn't casting aspergess on people. i was expressing differences the viewpoint. i do not any it's appropriate to say gee, bad people who
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head democracy did things. let's not have a discussion of issues. not castings a perss or dividing people. referring to existing debate in this country. i have to ask you when was it appropriate to talk politics? wednesday, not tuesday? >> bill: i think maybe aired it out by the end of the week. then we had -- >> well, mr. miller, doing it on wednesday. >> bill: it's not even close to the same ballpark. >> mr. miller -- >> bill: not even close. >> mr. miller is critical of the president. >> no, it's at home plate. mr. miller attacked the president not saying terrorism on wednesday. >> what do you think about that? >> bill: what do you think about that? >> it was clearly terrorism. >> bill: what do you think about the commander-in-chief not saying that it was the islamic jihad, that was motivating force behind the terror attack? he won't say it. what do you think about that? >> two things. first of all, i think you were trying to, you know, refer to
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a division of the country, that is a good thing to do. that is legitimate. on monday, when mr. miller was critical of comments on wednesday, nobody knew it was islamic terrorists. we knew it was terrorism. but nobody knew on monday, we didn't know what did it. >> bill: he didn't still hasn't defined it as jihadist action. >> i wouldn't say jihadist but islam ex, they were inspired by islamic terrorism. people should be clear about that. >> why do you think the president -- >> i don't know. i'm not in charge of explaining the president. >> bill: you are a thinker, you know him well, the leader of your party. you must have an opinion on him. you have an opinion on everything else. >> one thing when they asked
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me to speculate, people who used to be in the line of work i used to be in speculating about things they didn't know anything. defer to law enforcement. >> bill: we didn't like that at all. speculation is never good. so you just don't know why barack obama won't say it was generated by islamist jihad? >> i don't know. >> then we're together. i haven't been in washington, out of congress for some months and i've not been talking to his people about that. it's legitimate for people to debate that one way or the other. it's not dividing the country. i think boston has serious problems now. the level of funding we put in police forces and effect of a sequester elsewhere. legitimate topic of debate.
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>> i think we both got our points across tonight, which is what we do on the program. we're glad you participated. thank you very much. next on the rundown. can you believe the u.s. government is working with the mexican government to provide mexican migrants with both legal and illegal food stamps in lou dobbs on that. later, is the national media trying to humanize the boston bombers? factor continues from washington after these messages. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro.
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>> bill: tonight, rather disturbing information from the department of agriculture. a few months ago, judicial watch, watchdog group, filed a freedom of information act request asking for documents about the food stamps. at issue, whether department of agriculture was actively working with the mexican government to provide supplemental nutrition assistance, that is food stamps, to illegal aliens.
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the documents judicial watch received do show usda was working with the mexican embassy right here in washington to get food stamps to migrants. to explain further, fox business anchor lou dobbs. you were amused by the barney frank interview. what did you think? >> you have to give the former congressman great credit. he enjoying being in the public arena. it was a great display of precisely what he was talking about. it's a country divided. he's not divided in a pejorative sense but divided did in the viewpoint and values right now. america has a great arena where there is a contest. i think you both demonstrated how it should be. strong points of view and civility at the same time. >> bill: who would you rather have dinner with? with? >> you, because i know you'd buy. >> bill: that's right. frank would never buy. get to the mexican food stamps
5:16 pm
on the subject of dinner. what is the headline of the documents that the usda didn't want to give out. they had to get it from freedom of information. what is the headline? >> judicial watch, during the country, again, a great service. the headline is this. that the american people are being gameed again, not by the mexican government. not by illegal immigrants but by our own government. this program started in 2004 under george bush, barack obama to this point. and working in concert, not only with the embassies of mexico, to enlarge, to recruit food stamp recipients but with 46 consulates throughout the country. it's extraordinary. >> bill: so basically what the usda was advising the mexican consulate and embassy to do was send out mailings to anybody you know in this country. it doesn't matter whether you're here illegally or legally. here is how you get food
5:17 pm
stamps, they don't deny food stamps to illegal aliens. you can get if it you're not here legally. correct? >> correct. it's opposite, of course, of what the regulation is that says you shall not be eligible for the food stamps if you are not a citizen or then they go on to point out under judicial watches, investigation with particularly the government of mexico, a strong program, that makes sense, because it's the largest source of illegal immigrants in the country. they go on to point out they don't pay attention to it. if a family -- >> bill: no, no. it's worse than that the. regulation says the federal government is not to distribute welfare, food stamps, whatever, to people who aren't here illegally because they don't qualify. yet, they ignore that. they go and say we don't care what that says. we'll do what we want. social justice. >> it's worse than that, bill.
5:18 pm
because under the u.s. code, if you are a public charge, i.e., receiving welfare, you are supposed to be moved out of the country if you are an immigrant. legal or illegal. >> if they find you accepting under false pretenses but this isn't false pretenses. >> it certainly is not. >> bill: government is giving it. >> policy. >> bill: they are not obeying the laws on the books. that is the bottom line. as you said, it was the bush administration and the obama administration. last word. >> the last word is that the country right now is integrated if you will with the two partners. north american free trade organization. that is canada and mexico. there hasn't been a vote on it. but this isn't an accident that these events are occurring. led by the president. >> bill: all right, lou. thank you. directly ahead. karl rove with the inside story of what happened in dallas yesterday. when all five living american
5:19 pm
presidents appeared together at the opening of the bush library. then a shocking story out of maryland. the gang, black guerilla family took over an entire jail. geraldo with details. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] we build things that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over and cut through knee-deep grass no problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. the nation's five living presidents gathered in dallas, texas, yesterday for a dedication of the george w. bush presidential center. men all had praise for president bush the younger and gathering looked to be a pep rally, at least on the surface. but what was going on behind the scenes? joining us now from austin, texas, karl rove, who was our spy on the premises. what was the most interesting thing you saw yesterday in dallas? and the dynamic among the
5:23 pm
five? >> well, look, they are who they are. and there is a cordial relationship among all five but they are who they are. i thought it was interesting. you saw the photograph of it. behind te scenes before they went out on the stage, there was president bush 41, president bush 43, bill clinton and barack obama all having a nice conversation. and off to the side sort of being pensive and looking away was jimmy carter, who made very gracious comments, surprisingly gracious, but he is a different kind of a cat. he was sort of hanging off on there on the side not really engaged with the others. the other thing -- >> bill: is it because of the age, though? maybe because of his age and his hearing? could that be it t reason? >> no. i just think it's his nature. he is not fit in with the guys. there is a very exclusive club here and he is a member of it. but he is the least active and the least engaged and the least communal of the five. >> bill: most of them are
5:24 pm
gregarious, clinton and two bushes are gegarious and obama fakes being gregarious, he's not naturally. but carter is reserved. i don't know if it's a chip on his shoulder or not. i don't know him that well. but nobody did anything that was out of the ordinary, right? they all were dignified and rerespectful. >> they were all dignified and respectful. carter who was critic of bushes gave gracious comments. obama who heretofore has not said much nice about the predecessor even if n the white house several unveiling the official portrait said very few things about the president. gave expanse i and generous and gracious comments. also that was interesting at the private lunch following event, president obama threw out a line that was a great line. i suspect it would have been better if he used it publicly. he said i learned a lot from the predecessor, once you get
5:25 pm
in the job, you understand how difficult the job really is. i learned how difficult it is to throw out the ball, the first pitch of a game. and how hard it is to ride a bike. from my predecessor. it was a note of humility and humor and graciousness. >> bill: good. glad to hear that. glad to hear that. you heard the barney frank interview. i wanted to get your opinion on why you think the president doesn't say the words "islamic jihad." know it was the motivator for the two to go up and kill an 8-year-old boy, three other americans and wound 200. but barack obama simply will not say, he never has said it. i think he is going to have to say it. why is he so reluctant to say those words? >> first, quick comment about barney frank. he made a provictimtively political and unnecessary comment in the immediate afterwards of the boston bombing. he was wrong in his comments
5:26 pm
to suggest it was morally equivalent to dennis miller's question about why the president couldn't say islamic jihadism. miller's comment was the event of the moment. barney frank's was reach. here we have a bombing in boston and he is saying this is no tax cut would have prevented. that was a stretch. ideological spasm. and it had nothing to do be the issue at hand. i would remind you the bush tax cut were in place in their entirety through december 31 of this year of last year, and only the top bracket has been raised. that will affect people's tax payment next year, not last year. so, you know, the bush tax cut were enforced when we had to deal with this crisis in boston. the boston police and federal government dealt with it. as to why the president can't bring hymn to say this. i thought about this a lot. i don't have an answer. two possible answers. one is this is all politics. he is sitting there saying i can't say islamic jihadism, i
5:27 pm
can't say war on terror or islamic terrorism, because i ran for office saying i'm the peace guy. i can end this. if i have to admit it's continuing it's not good for me politically. the other is troubling when he says i don't believe it is. it's a criminal act. we had two criminals in boston. >> bill: i hope it's not that. >> who committed an act. but either one of those is not a good -- >> bill: but the latter would really be bad. i got to run, mr. rove. good to see you. thank you for being our eyes and ears down there. >> you bet. >> bill: yesterday. plenty more ahead as the "factor accounts continues from washington. brutal brawl in california public school points out the growing chaos in the u.s. educational system. i have analysis on that. what next? geraldo on a vicious gang taking over the baltimore city detention center. you won't believe this. we hope you stay tune for the report. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru.
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>> bill: you hear about this stuff in mexico but it's unbelievable to occur in usa. the baltimore city detention center in maryland, a gang leader, runs the black guerilla family impregnanted four female officers and directed a sex and drug ring inside the prison. 36-year-old white has been incarcerated for four years and awaiting a trial, on an
5:32 pm
attempted murder charge. white apparently fathered five children with four different guards. they have been charged with nine other officers, six inmates and others associated with the jail. joining us from new york city is geraldo rivera. i never heard of this in america. i know the new orleans tape a few weeks ago was bad. but this guy claim i was he was running the prison. was he? >> reporter: he was. this is real-life episode of "the wire." remember that, great show? this guy, the kingpin "bulldog" by name. he has been awaiting trial on attempted murder for four years, since 2009. he has been in jail and he has taken over the jail with implied con sent of the prison administration. he kept order. and in return for keeping
5:33 pm
order, he became the king of the jail. he and his gang of thugs ran dope dealing, prostitution, they had every kind of drug. you could pick it. they had a menu, the prices. everything from marijuana to xanax to oxycontin. if you wanted it, you got it. anybody who acted up, he was in charge of everybody and everything, bill. it's amazing how the authorities allowed him to have free run inside that prison. anything went as long as he said to zo. >> bill: for a long period of time. >> four years. >> bill: you hear about this in mexico because the drug cartels control many of the prisons down there. now it has come to the united states. but we have a system. the gor is in -- if governor o'malley is in charge of this.
5:34 pm
gary maynard is a correctional guard. gary. gary hasn't been fired. he is still there! >> i think the buck stopped at his desk. he admitted as much, maynard did. but o'malley runs as a governor who gets things done and he has aspiration for the presidency or the vice presidency, this has to tarnish his record as well. what do we have here? we have a hus of prostitution, with a prison guard. not only did he impregnant four of the guards five times but he also did it at all around the same time. so he had four prison guards pregnant at the same time. two of the prison guards tattooed his name, one put it on her wrist. the other on her neck. so here is a prisoner, he is running, king of the roost. dealing the drugs and making $15, $16,000 a month.
5:35 pm
buying them bmws. buying them mercedes and diamond rings. >> bill: "them" being the women? >> women who are the prison guards. a great idea having females watching over men in prison. >> bill: this is so outrageous. this is so, embarrassing to the state of maryland. and the united states of america. i'll demand now that maynard be fired. if it isn't i will deal with o'malley. gary, i hate to take your job away. but you don't deserve the job. if it comes a point where you have to go. he should have resigned anyway. in japan he would have had to commit suicide. here all you have to do is resign and do the right thing. if o'malley doesn't fire him, it's on o'malley? don't you agree? >> i agree. that is fair. o'malley said he was a hands-on administrator and now the people, folks indicted for
5:36 pm
racketeering, which carries a life sentence. money laundering. >> 13 indictments. inside a prison. this is going on for years. the fact he hasn't been tried on attempted murder after four years, that is incredible. the corruption in the baltimore detention center, beyond any doubt, the accountability kicks in. we will do it. you and i will have to do it. >> goch,cha. if it wasn't for boston this would have been a huge story. we were distracted rightfully by the marathon massacre. >> bill: okay. when we come back from washington, is the national media trying to humanize the younger boston bombing suspect. we show you a vicious fight between a stunt and teacher.
5:37 pm
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5:41 pm
you had in high school a little bit of a crush on him. >> yes. i did. how could you not? >> what was it about him? >> i think it was that he was equally smart, but also humble and, you know, incredibly funny. he was just an all-around wholesome and good person. >> bill: from new york, greg gutfeld and mcguirk. gutfeld, you are teed off about this? >> this is beyond disgusting. we turn terror to article from a magazine. could you imagine if applying the same arguement to adam lamza? it would never happen. for some reason, we are feeding the attention-seeking segment of losers who really they will get nothing in life except for maybe some kind of fame from this. we are feeding that. by having the stupid interviews with stupid people. it is disgusting.
5:42 pm
loners and losers learn from this. >> bill: now, let me ask you a question. i might be guilty of what you are criticizing here, gutfeld. last night i used the mother and father of the bombers saying that, you know, they weren't guilty. the united states executed them. was i wrong for doing that? >> i don't want to see anybody associated with them again. i don't want to sea the faces of the family or the killers or their families. i that it them all. >> bill: you don't think it's part of the story, bad or stupid parenting could lead to this stuff? >> that is different. these two are psychos. thank god we allowed them to come in country ten years ago. aren't we happy? the scott pele thing, in the "new york times," labeling the kid describing like for frosted flakes. and taste in music.
5:43 pm
john stewart show calling the kid a hottie. it's inexplicable. >> bill: i agree with you. you have to walk a fine line here by giving information about the two, it's natural curiosity about any villain. hitler they wanted to know who his mother and dad was, his girlfriend was, eva brawn. but if you say he is a hottie, you are over the line. >> why do they do it? >> fill air time. fill pages. >> was communism, the ideology, they sympathize with communist terrorist. with this, they don't sympathize with it. so they don't like the country so enemy of my enemy is my friend and therefore they like these people. >> it's nonthinking. gutfeld, you paid attention i heard to the "time" 100 list which they put out every year. >> yes. >> bill: mcguirk you say? >> first, it's just a cheap stunt to stave off the
5:44 pm
inevidentable demise of "newsweek." on the list, influential, bollywood actor, italian soccer player, brazilian chef and camilla harris who is only famous because obama had a imubrent mu musburger moment. lindsay vonn. calming influence to help tiger woods sink a putt. >> bill: if you look at the "time 100" list it's commercial list. they want people to buy the magazine all over the world. >> the problem with "time" it's thinner than kate moss. i have seen instruction from ikia furniture, that are thicker than the magazine. the list isn't a list. it's more like the most searched term on google. they found out who is most popular and threw it together.
5:45 pm
exactly to build their brand because it's dying. >> hedge fund billionaire two people on fox business never heard of. where is bill o'reilly on the list? top icon. best-selling author. >> no on malls on the list. peta should be outraged. >> bill: the most influential people, gutfeld. >> animals are people, too, bill. animals are people, too. >> bill: we got our pinheads of the week with the boys. we're coming right back with it. then, what are the three "o"s have in common? obama, o'bryant, o'reilly? i'll tell you in the tip of the day upcoming.
5:46 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. who are the pinheads of the week? once again from new york city, bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld.
5:49 pm
you selected richard branson, the ceo of virgin american airlines who wants people to hook up in the sky. >> here is my guy to getting -- guide to getting lucky at 35,000 feet. try treating her or him to something delicious using the feature of the virgin american in-flight system. order a drink, meal or snack. select his or her seat. don't forget to seal the deal with a suggestive seat to seat chat. i'm not a betting man but i say your chances are at least 50%. >> bill: all right. why is mr. branson a pinhead? >> he should not be allowed to ownbe an airline, a. first, the only way you get lucky if you fly these days is not sitting between two smelly fat guys and your luggage isn't lost. imagine if you're a chick and the guy in row 23 with a blanket over his lap sent you
5:50 pm
a drink and will follow one a next a few minutes. people want to be left alone. leave me the hell alone and get the damn plane landed safely. >> bill: if you do that the marshals with arrest you. if you send them peanuts. cost $8 to send bret severa pre. >> this only works on a greyhound bus. not a plane, i agree. >> texting from a half-liquored up loser, you turn around and you see anthony weiner behind you. get me out of here. >> bill: all right. now, gutfeld chosen our pal tom brokaw. roll the tape. >> also have to examine the use of drone which the united states is involved in. there are a lot of civilians cis who are innocently killed in a drone attack in pakistan and afghanistan. and in iraq. there an enormous rage against that part of the world, as presumption of the united states.
5:51 pm
>> all right. gutfeld, go. >> i agree with him. i blame drones, too. drones like him. he is a drone. he cannot pronounce the letter "l" and he cannot pronounce muslim terror. he suffers from islamophobia-phobia, he is compared to be perceived as -- scared to be perceived as a bigot to prevent him placing blame. drones did not exist before 9/11, they were commissioned afterwards and didn't exist before '93 world trade center. >> i took him to task, brokaw earlier in week. i wrote this column in the ""new york post"new york post." i am not going to beat up on brokaw. >> i had visions of you trolling the upper west side with a baseball bat looking for him. >> no, no. we want him to put on a program. he declined. i have to hand this one, because this is a serious one. this is my pinhead of the wee week. caesar chavez high school in
5:52 pm
stockton, california, saw this happen. roll the tape. >> give me my stuff. give me my stuff. >> i'm getting real pissed off. >> so,'m sorry. >> you know! [bleep] [bleep] >> bill: all right. that is a disgrace. >> like you and barney. >> mar lean martinez has been suspended but not expelled. this is the pinhead of the week. the district superintendent in stockton is named steve lauder. lauder should have expelled that student right away. given her to the right to appeal expulsion but sent a message to the country, to everybody in stockton, you cannot have students fighting with teachers.
5:53 pm
you can investigate, but you don't suspend. you expel. pinhead of the week. gentlemen, thank you very much. we appreciate it. factor tip of the day, the three "o"s. obama, o'brien and o'reilly. socializing in d.c. for a reason. the tips is next. @ you hurt my feelings, todd.
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5:56 pm
the mail, scott, georgetown university, washington, d.c as a student here, it saddens me one of our professors would use an nbc news platform to distort the boston bombings. until both sides acknowledge the threat posed by radical islam, we will not be able to solve the problem. alex adams, minneapolis. bill, while i agree far too many people in our pc culture will not accept the reality of the jihad, the denial of the bombers' parents is not a religious issue. rose marie, georgia. your assessment of the boston bombing suspects' mother is 100% accurate. as a mother who has dealt with a son's behavior issues, accepting reality is crucial. dr. bernard. vermont. why does the media even give air time to those looney parents. we should ignore them. i don't think so. they're part of the story
5:57 pm
because crazy parents often produce crazy kids. from pearland, texas. you claim to be a man of facts, yet when beck gives you the facts on the saudi bomber, you treat them almost flippantly. your assessment is not accurate. glenn beck gave his side of the story, what he thinks happened. we presented the other side of the story from the government. that's what we do. that's responsible. gary, bill, your interview with beck was intriguing. further investigation is needed. marjorie, i'm withholding her last name. glenn beck was discussing my daughter's friend last night. i am a conservative republican, but this is a normal young man, who has come to our country to be educated. he's a good friend to my daughter. he is not a terrorist. that's why we didn't mention the man's name or show his picture. from colorado, bill, you owe an
5:58 pm
apology. hicago -- colorado, i shouldone say, in colorado, is stoned on marijuana. nonsense, joy. jesse watters went to a pot convention in denver. 10,000 people showed up from all over the country. we made that very clear. luke, lake forest, california. i am in the eighth grade. "killing lincoln" is the greatest book i ever read. waters world is my favorite segment. thanks for writing in. finally, the factor tip of the day. every year there is a big dog and pony show around this time in dc, starring president obama and the reached press that covers him. it's the white house correspondents dinner and several swells show up, including the president. that's why i'm here. conan o'brien is hosting tomorrow night. he will be mocking everybody u about the reason i'll sit through this is because of ed
5:59 pm
henry, fnc's white house correspondent. he's in charge of the scholarship fund which receives money from this dinner. now, over the years scores of poor children have been given funds to go to journalism school. it's a great program. if you want to know more about it, please go to again, way to go, ed henry. you're a patriot. on monday i'll tell you what happens at the big shabang tomorrow night. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site, different from bill o'reilly obama administration. also we would -- bill word of te day, do not be orwiellian. when writing the factor. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly and please
6:00 pm
always remember that the spin stops right here in washington, d.c we're looking out for you. >> sean: tonight there are multiple breaking developments about the boston bombing suspects. their families and their ties to terrorism. welcome to "hannity." i'm monica crowley in for sean. here is what learned for the past 24 hours. late last night, suspect number 2, dzhokhar tsarnaev, was transferred from the hospital to a federal prison medical center about 40 miles away from boston. meanwhile, according to the associated press, u.s. officials added the bombing suspect's mother's name to a federal terrorism database 18 months before the deadly attack. and today lawmakers told fox news that the mother has now become a, quote, person of interest. fox news also spoke to the


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